Rock Legend Shirley Manson Talks Feminism And Equality In New Interview

"I think any woman that breaks conventional rules...is fighting the good fight."

Shirley Manson of the legendary rock band Garbage gave an intelligent and well-spoken interview to 7.30, during which she opened up about her renewed commitment to fighting for gender equality. It should come as no surprise that one of the most empowered women in the genre has such strong beliefs about feminism — and we're here for all of it.

"Why any woman would want to divorce themselves from the idea of equality is beyond my understanding," she stated emphatically while discussing the erosion of women's rights under conservative regimes. "I'm not entirely sure what went wrong or what's happened but they divorced themselves from the idea of feminism," she added, thinking about the complex global conditions that led to the current state of women's rights.

"I think any woman that breaks conventional rules, stereotyping, is fighting the good fight," she similarly proclaims. 

In another segment of the interview, Manson discussed the unreasonable pressures being put on young women due to social media: "There's so much pressure on young women to be beautiful ... It's kind of meaningless because there will always be another beautiful woman to follow ... I think women really need to shift their focus onto something that creates a foundation for them as they grow through life."

When Garbage was at their height in the 90's, Manson and her gang were equally as critical of popular media. Their song "Stupid Girl" was a direct attack on the objectification of women:

Looks like Shirley hasn't changed her politics too much since then. Let's hope she never does.

You can check out the full interview over here.

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