Rocko Is Suing Future For $10 Million, Future Calls Him A "Baby Mama"

Like mature adults, the two took their legal battle to Twitter.

By Eric Shorey

Sure are a lot of rappers getting hit with lawsuits right now. The latest hip-hopper facing a legal battle: Future. A new suit launched against Future by Rocko claims that the latter discovered the former and is yet to collect on early deals made between the two.

More specifically: Early in Future's career he had signed a 6 album deal with Rocko and A1 Recordings. Later, another record company, Epic Records, was brought on to help distribute the albums. Rocko now claims that Future undercut the original deal and decided to work with Epic on the side, scoring him millions in advances.

Now, Rocko is claiming he's owed at least 25% of those advances in commissions. Additionally, Rocko is claiming he's owed 20% of Future's earnings from touring and endorsements.

Like mature adults, the two are also now battling over Twitter:

This isn't even the only suit Future is involved in at the moment. He's also currently battling baby mama Jessica Smith over child support.

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