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Ronda Rousey Says She Only Has A Few More Fights Left Before Retirement

And she's ready to win them.

Ronda Rousey hasn’t fought in over a year, but she has a match on December 30. That means she’s training twice a day. Twice a day! I feel good about myself if I make it to the gym twice a week. Rousey is only 29 years old, but she admitted on

Rousey is only 29 years old, but she admitted on Ellen Tuesday that she’s not long for this line of work. She says UFC 207 may be one of her last times in the ring.

"How much longer will you keep fighting?" asks Ellen. "Because you know, it's a dangerous business."

"Not that long, I'm wrapping it up," Rousey responds. "This is definitely one of my last fights. Everybody better watch!" See below.

That makes sense. Getting kicked in the head has a shelf-life, at least if you’re hoping to retire with some part of your brain intact. Rousey admits that she is nervous about her future, though she doesn’t say exactly what she has planned after kicking ass at the end of the year.

She was defeated in November of 2015 by Holly Holm, and if this is one of her last fights it’s probably pretty important to her to win. She was certainly devastated by the loss.

What could be next? If Wonder Woman weren’t already cast, I’d think she’d find a place in the comic movie franchises that clog theaters all year round. She’d actually be able to do her own stunts.

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