Ronday Rousey Shows Off Her Insanely Cut Body Before Her Big Fight

She getting ready.

By Aimée Lutkin

Ronda Rousey has been getting ready for her face off with Amanda Nunes on Saturday, and that’s meant avoiding the press and appearances to concentrate on her training. She appears to be running her own intimidation campaign from her Instagram, showing off her incredible bod. Rousey was in shape before, but it appears that she is forming herself into the ultimate ass-kicking machine, if these pics are to be believed:


In the photo on the left, Rousey appears pretty built. That image was taken just before she won against Cat Zingano in February 2015, a bout that only lasted 15 seconds. In November of 2015, Rousey’s UFC title was taken from her by Holly Holm, who kicked her in the head early in the match, making it difficult for her to recover and compete. Rousey disappeared for a bit, and has done relatively little press since, with the indulgence of UFC President Dana White.

She told ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne that it was the whirl of appearances before her match with Holm that distracted her. She says, “It’s like I’m doing the chick version of growing a beard and living in a cave, you know?”

She added, "What makes me happy is winning and being the best in the world and that’s it. F— all the promotion and energy spent on anything that’s not me winning. And anyone who tries to tell me I owe them energy on frivolous [crap] during camp out of ‘loyalty’ or ‘friendship’ deserves no loyalty from me and is no friend of mine. That loss [to Holm]saved me from becoming what I hate."

As you can see from the image on the right, taken recently, she’s seen that physical challenge through. Rousey is cut in places I didn’t know you could get definition!

#FearTheReturn #FridayDec30 #rouseyvsnunes #ufc207 Pic by @ewillphoto

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Most of her posts are hashtagged with #FearTheReturn, and frankly, if I had to go up against Rousey right now, I would.

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