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Rudy Giuliani Is Still Hating On Beyonce, Calls Her VMA Performance "A Shame"

"I saved more black lives than any of those people you saw on stage by reducing crime," claims the former NYC mayor.

Rudy Giuliani was once the mayor of New York City, but like a racist caterpillar turning into a racist butterfly, he's recently metamorphosed into a loud-mouthed figurehead of the Republican party.

Earlier this year, after the release of the "Formation" music video, Giuliani made public comments about his disdain for the feminist archangel Beyonce and his disgust of her "anti-police" imagery, sparking proposals of protests against Queen Bey that never exactly came to fruition. Now, Giuliani is once again lambasting Mrs. Carter in public, claiming that her latest performance at the VMAs is "a shame."

Here's the video of Rudy on (where else) Fox & Friends:

Giuiliani is carrying. But perhaps his claim that he "saved more black lives than any of those people you see on stage by reducing crime" is the most egregious, considering that as Mayor, Giuliani had spearheaded certain policies that were notoriously bad for black lives, leaving behind what Liberation News has called a "legacy of racism and corruption." A shame.

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