Sanaa Lathan Shaved Her Head And We Are Shook

It's a dramatic change, to say the least.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Get your fainting couch ready: Sanaa Lathan has shaved her head, y'all.

The actress debuted her dramatic new look on Instagram yesterday, posting a short video of herself smiling and rubbing her head.

"I'm just doing my reveal," she says in the video, apparently speaking to someone off camera before adding, "It's all off. I feel light [like] I could fly away."

She wrote #NappilyEverAfter in the caption, suggesting that she made the change for her lead role in the Netflix original film.

First Keke Palmer, now Sanaa Lathan? So many stars are slaying the shaved head look these days, and we couldn't be more inspired. Check out Sanaa's bold and beautiful new look below.

#NappilyEverAfter πŸ‘ΆπŸ½

A post shared by Sanaa Lathan (@sanaalathan) on

[Photo: Getty Images]

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