Say What? Melissa Joan Hart Is Bringing Back Our Fav Classics

Best news ever, or best news ever? 

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

If Sabrina The Teenage Witch was your after school must-watch in the '90s, you're about to get really, really excited. The misadventures of spunky teen witch Sabrina are on their way to being remade for a modern audience.

I know what you're thinking - another one? Beetlejuice, Baywatch - enough already! But come on - how can you not be excited about this?

According to reports, production teams are currently in talks to buy the rights to the show. This means that it might be a while before we actually get to watch anything, but it's definitely a step in the right direction.

As if that wasn't enough good news for the day, Clarissa Explains It All, another beloved Melissa Joan Hart show, might be getting a reboot too one day. It's far from being set it stone, though, and Melissa talked about the process briefly on Instagram.


Let's just all cross our fingers and pray to the TV gods that this actually happens.

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