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Scott Disick Is In Trouble With Blac Chyna's Mom For Talking About Her Daughter's Vagina

Nothing is too low for this family.

Tokyo Toni will defend her daughter against all comers, the Kardashians, her fiancé, Wendy Williams and...Scott Disick? Yes, for some reason Scott Disick thinks people care about what he has to say, even though it’s like your great uncle telling you what your college major should be. None of his business and also confusing.

The Sun reports that after watching an episode of Rob & Chyna in which Disick advises Rob Kardashian to pressure Blac Chyna into giving birth vaginally, rather than via C-section, Tokyo Toni went off on Instagram, writing:

“Straight black men don’t talk about things like that openly as jokes like certain men like Scott do. Scott has a weird type of humour [sic]," Tokyo wrote. “A black dude would NEVER talk to another black man about his chick’s vagina. If Rob was a black man he would have beat Scott’s ass for talking about his girl’s vagina.”

She added, “And Scott makes a lot of ass comments that straight black men would never make. I think she thinks he’s making those because he’s white. But I think most straight white men wouldn’t make them either I think Scott is just crazy lol.”

At least Toni kinda ended on a lighthearted note.

Does your sexuality and race directly correlate to how nosy you are? No, though it is like a man to tell a woman how she should be giving birth.

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