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Sean Kingston Claims He And Serena Williams Used To Date (Video)

He says Serena spoiled him, but Twitter isn't buying it.

Were Sean Kingston and Serena Williams once a thing?

Kingston paid a visit to the BBC radio show Smashed with Sloth this week, VH1 reports, and when asked to reveal the most famous person he's ever been with, he named none other than Serena Williams.

According to Kingston, not only did he and Serena used to see each other, but she liked to spoil him.

"That was my doll," Kingston said. "$300 million and all she wore was Nike track suits. And guess what? When I go anywhere and I take out my card, she slap me on the hand like, 'Put your card back.'"

Kingston added that the end of their relationship was caused by him being "young" at the time and not "following up," whatever that means.

"I knew what I had, but I just didn't really follow up on some stuff that I was supposed to follow up on," he explained.

While Serena did visit Sean back in 2011 after he got into a jet ski accident, Twitter is still suspicious of Sean's claim that they were more than just friends.


Whether he's telling the truth or not, it's a safe bet that Serena isn't worried about it; the tennis star is currently engaged to Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian, and gave birth to their first child together — Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. — earlier this year.

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