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Sean Kingston Smacked A Heckler Like He Was Playing Whack-A-Mole

His mic is a weapon on both ends.

If you’re wondering what Sean Kingston is up to, the answer is that he’s still singing "Beautiful Girls" to rowdy crowds. On Thursday night he was singing to one of those crowds in Australia's SinCity Nightclub. "Beautiful Girls" is a great song, but watching him sing it with no music makes the life of a touring musician seem very challenging. You definitely need stamina and an enthusiastic crowd:


TMZ is reporting that Kingston’s crowd got a little TOO enthusiastic, with one heckler actually throwing ice up at Kingston up in the balcony. He was also apparently cursing at him and giving him the finger. How did Kingston respond? By whacking at the guy with the end of his microphone, sort of like how you’d bat a dog away from the breakfast table with a rolled up newspaper:

It doesn’t seem like Kingston made contact, and apparently after his warning taps the show continued until 4 a.m. Presumably, he sang some other songs.

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