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Hillary Clinton's Historic DNC Speech Inspired Millions

And she may have even shouted out Lil Wayne in the process?

This Presidential race has been full of twists and turns and surprises. Some have been heartbreaking (Bye, Bernie!) and others disconcerting (Hi, Donald?). Whatever your position, Hillary Clinton accepting the Democratic nomination as the first woman in America, ever, is just too good of a feat to let some red wine or champagne go to waste.

In her efforts to open up more about her upbringing, as well as actually lay out the plans she has in store for this country, many were on board. 

And then the quotes began... with Oprah:

Even Lin-Manuel Miranda chimed in.

Some even believe she quoted Lil Wayne... If you ask me, I think 8 years with Obama has distorted some realities.

No, really...

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When you have Shonda Rhimes to direct your DNC film, anything is possible, right? Even those indoor fireworks.

Watch her historic speech below.

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