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See The Photo Of Rihanna Riding A Jet Ski That Everyone Is Flipping Out Over

Only Rihanna could pull off something like this.

Is it even possible for Rihanna to do something and not make it look insanely glamorous? Rihanna being #goals when it comes to music and fashion isn't anything new, but she even makes riding a jet ski look totally bada**.

Rihanna fans are currently losing it over an old 2011 pic of the singer, which shows her riding a jet ski side saddle in Barbados. People who aren't Rihanna ride them with one leg over each side (because, you know, balance), but Rihanna's Rihanna, so she instead crossed her legs and sailed through the waves looking like she could barely be bothered to be there.

How is this even real life? Check out the pics, and a few hilarious reactions, below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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