See What Gabrielle Union Looks Like With No Makeup!

Who knew she had freckles?

By Aimée Lutkin

Alicia Keys has been going makeup free for some time, and she looks great. It’s easy enough to go makeup free when you have perfect skin and expensive moisturizer! But it’s still rare in media to see women barefaced. There’s a lot of pressure to conform, and even then, it’s fine and fun to use makeup if you like it. But, showing off an alternative can be positive when you're a celebrity.

Alicia Keys is pulling in more women to join her “movement,” including the equally genetically blessed Gabrielle Union, who probably looks red carpet ready the moment she wakes up in the morning.

Union posted a bunch of barefaced selfies to Snapchat on Tuesday, mentioning Alicia Keys: “No makeup, head wrap, hey Alicia Keys I see you!”

If no make up looks this good, let’s throw our brushes away. Too think we went all these years without seeing her adorable freckles.

[Photo: Gabriell Union Snapchat]

[Photo: Getty]

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