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Selena Gomez And Charlie Puth Tease New Track

Selena got a type, tho.

Charlie Puth, the Platonic ideal of an innoffensive and non-threatening YouTube pop star, is teaming up with a Selena Gomez on a new track. The two were seen canoodling (despite rumors of their dating being unconfirmed) on Instagram when Puth decided to tease the song over social media.

The new song is called "We Don't Talk Anymore" and is set to debut on Puth's first full length album, Nine Track Mind, on Jan. 29, 2016.

Are Selena and Charlie a little too close for comfort in this short video? Has she moved on from one viral pop singer to another? Does Selena have a type? Is it sexist to assume that just because they were seen giggling on Insta that they are now maybe a couple?

The answer to all those questions is: probably.

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