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Selena Messily Defends Her BFF Taylor Swift On Twitter

Just in case you were wondering whose side she's on...

Last night Kim Kardashian broke the internet by exposing Taylor Swift, and Twitter basically exploded. Following the chaos, Taylor's BFF Selena Gomez hopped on Twitter to defend her friend - without ever directly addressing the situation, of course.

"There are more important things to talk about. Why can't people use their voice for something that f*cking matters?" Gomez wrote on Twitter last night. "Truth is, last thing we need right now is hate, in any form. This industry is so disappointing yet the most influential smh."

After a fan called Selena out, asking why she hasn't used her voice to comment on "more important" things like the Black Lives Matter movement, Selena fired back.

"So that means if I hashtag something I save lives? No, I could give two f*cks about 'sides.' You don't know what I do," she posted and later deleted.


Girl, you mad? You seem mad.

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