Shady Trump Supporter Was Caught Posing As A Black Lady

"Delete my picture please."

By Eric Shorey

Donald Trump is not very popular among black people. Statistics suggest that somewhere around 94% of African Americans have an unfavorable opinion of the cursed ham sandwich turned presidential hopeful. Smartly, some social media users are suspicious when they see pro-Trump black ladies on Twitter, and it turns out that at least one of these accounts is a total fake. They got clocked by the lady whose image they were using.

Poor Twitter user Christelle found herself at the center of a scandal when she discovered @BlackGirl4Trump was using her image as their profile pic:

Later, some social media activists jumped in to attempt to get the fake account reported:

Some outlets have speculated that this is part of a plan on behalf of Trump to get the public to change their perspective on Republicanism and racial issues. Meanwhile, the fraudelent account (and its stolen image) has since been taken down.

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