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Shawty Lo's Cause Of Death Raises Questions Of Foul Play

Robbery, drugs, and money? Eyebrows are now up for two women in particular.

Rapper Shawty Lo died in a car crash in September, leaving behind 11 kids and a lot of heartbroken fans (including Beyoncé). Shawty Lo’s funeral was open to the public, but sadly, some fans took advantage, even posting selfies with his open casket. The public can’t be trusted!

Though he obviously died from injuries related to the crash, the coroner’s examination will reveal what was in Shawty Lo’s system at the time of the accident. TMZ is reporting that the Fulton County Medical Examiner found a prescription bottle on his body, which smelled strongly of alcohol,  labeled "promethazine,” but it contained Percocet and Vicodin.

When the report actually comes out, it’ll be known if Shawty Lo was intoxicated or not, but there were some other weird details that paint a pretty rowdy night. Apparently, there were two women in the car with him. They asked to empty his pockets after his death, and the police on the scene allowed it. TMZ implies they robbed him, as he was found with only $16.

This whole story is sad, but it at least sounds like Shawty Lo was living life to the fullest. Just don't get behind the wheel of a car afterward.

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