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Shazam Predicted The Summer Jams Of 2016

These are the jams you'll be hearing all summer...according to math.

I don't understand science or math or, quite frankly, what an algorithm actually is but the geniuses over at Shazam are putting their statistics to good use. Using the data collected from their app, the music-identifying service has dropped their list of songs they think will be keeping you sweating throughout the summer. The full list, which you can check out over on Billboard, is somewhat predictable and occasionally surprising. Here's what their top 5 is looking like:

5. The Strumbellas - Spirits

Nope. No thank you. Not interested. No. Bye.

4. Kiiara - Gold

I have never heard of this girl but she is Killing. It. The bizarre Timbaland-esque production pairs perfectly with the silky smooth vocals on this imminently remix-able R&B track. 

3. Calvin Harris and Rihanna - This Is What You Came For

"We Found Love" still murders every club it's played in, so I'm not sure we actually needed a follow up track from this duo, but hey, I'll take it. Like its predecessor, this song is predictable cheese, but it is uncannily perfect in its ability to move bodies on the dance floor.

2. Desiigner - Panda

Well, yeah, sure. Fair enough. I have no problem hearing this beat bumping til September. Keep it coming. That being said, it's no secret that we prefer Kim's remix of the track to the original.

1. Drake - One Dance

Are we all fully recovered enough from our "Hotline Bling" overdose to handle another Drake track dominating the charts for a few more months? I'm not so sure, but Shazam is confident Drizzy will be the King of Summer 2016. According to Billboard, "The track has reached 3.5 million worldwide Shazams and shows no signs of slowing down."

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