She's Back: Viral "Hood" White Girl Caught On Camera Fighting Woman On Airplane

Wait until Dr. Phil finds out she was banned from the airline for life...

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Think you've heard the last of the "Cash Me Outside" girl? Not even. Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli rose to internet fame after her appearance on The Dr. Phil Show went viral, and according to TMZ, she hasn't changed a bit.

According to their sources, Bregoli and her mother were taking a flight out of LAX last night when things popped off, so much so that Bregoli, her mother, and a third passenger ended up getting banned for life from Spirit Airlines.

So here's how it went down: Bregoli's mother currently wears a cast on her leg, and due to her injury, was taking a little longer than normal to put her carry-on bag in the overhead compartment aboard the plane. Another passenger got impatient, and Bregoli's mom got into a dispute with the female passenger. According to Danielle, the woman put her hands around her mother's throat, so she did what she had to do: she "cold-clocked" her, and you already know someone got footage of it, too:

@bhadbhabie full fight (Follow me @princexlit for more )

A video posted by Prince Lit (@princexlit) on

After that, the woman made a citizen's arrest, and a short time later the police arrived and all three parties were escorted off the plane. According to TMZ, no one wanted to press charges and there were no arrests; all three instead decided that their lawyers would handle it, so I guess everyone's gonna sue?

Bregoli then hopped on social media and told her side of the story, saying, "She got her a** whooped by a 13-year-old."

You can not make this sh*t up. Check out Danielle's commentary and reenactment (yes, reenacment) of the fight below.

[Photo: Youtube]

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