Should Nicki Minaj Dump Meek Mill?

Is it time for Nicki to move on or should she stand by her man? There's a case to be made for both sides. 

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Imagine your boyfriend is getting publicly humiliated by one of the greatest rappers of the decade. That's what's happening to Nicki Minaj right now. And her boyfriend, Meek Mill, still hasn't picked up the mic to fire back, despite being known as a battle rapper. Talk about awkward. Is it time for Nicki to move on from Meek and his mess or should she stand by her man? There's a case to be made for both sides.

Nicki should leave him, because:

1. Meek is messy.

Evidence: Meek Mill's entire Twitter feed. Publicly starting drama with your girlfriend's longtime friend and label mate? Not a good look, boo, not to mention that Meek's lack of response can make Nicki look weak by association.

2. Meek isn't ride-or-die.

When Nicki Minaj took to Twitter recently to share her earnest observations about the treatment of black women in the entertainment industry, Meek didn't have her back. Instead, he completely missed the point and made a joke out of it like so many others. Strike two.

3. Meek doesn't measure up.

Look, we're not trying to hurt any feelings, but Meek just isn't on her level. Nicki Minaj has clothing lines, perfumes, and multiple record-breaking albums. The woman is an empire. Meanwhile, if you asked the average person the name of Meek's latest album, you'd be met with nothing but a blank stare. Can Meek ever really be the other half of Nicki's power couple?

Nicki should stay with him, because:

1. All publicity is good publicity.

The Meek/Drake/Nicki beef has gotten all three of them ridiculous amounts of publicity. Type "Drake vs Meek" into Google, and you'll get more than 20,000 results. Maybe Meek Mill is a marketing genius?

2. Bad timing.

For Nicki to leave Meek right after Drake pretty much publicly humiliated him multiple times would just be cruel. He may not have come out on top this time, but that doesn't mean she shouldn't stand by her man—at least, for now.

3. Love conquers all!

It's no secret that Meek is head over heels for Nicki. Plus, they're really, really cute together. Have you seen the "All Eyes on You" video? #RelationshipGoals

What do you think? Is it time for Nicki to drop Meek and upgrade her love life?

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