Show Your Post-Election Solidarity With A Safety Pin

Are you an ally? 

Donald Trump encouraged America that it needed its own version of Brexit, and now that we're getting it, people are forming in solidarity against him. According to New York Magazine, people are wearing safety pins to identify themselves as allies.

The safety pins were worn following the Brexit decision to show support for immigrants, people of color and other marginalized groups. Twitter user @cheeahs launched the trend and describes the idea: “that anyone against the sort of nationalistic, racist violence we’ve been seeing could identify themselves as a ‘safe ally.’"

In the wake of recent discrimination and harassment of immigrants, minorities and people from the LGBTQ community by Trump supporters, people are wearing safety pins in the US. "Wearing a Safety pin- as a sign that you are a safe haven for those who don't feel safe post-Election. Moving gesture," said actress Debra Messing.

Here's how one supporters is wearing her safety pin:

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