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Simon Cowell Made A Gay Joke On Live TV And The Internet Was Horrified

Was Simon totally out of line or was he just having fun?

It looks like Simon Cowell's famously sharp tongue has landed him in a bit of hot water. The professional reality show judge (what, is that not his official job?) made the entire world cringe during a recent episode of The X Factor.

During a segment where the judges were tasked with choosing a door in order to select a caller who would get to speak with them, host Rylan Clark-Neal remarked, "I love a front door." Simon then quipped, "I thought you liked back doors."

Cue cinematic record scratch and a worldwide chorus of "Oh no he didn't!" After the crowd and his fellow judges started booing, Cowell quickly apologized, while Clark-Neal playfully asked, "Would you like me to show you how much?"

Clark-Neal later took to social media to make sure that no one thought he was offended by Cowell's joke, writing, "Thanks for watching. And @SimonCowell made a joke, no biggie, and I took it..... (another joke) all love and laughs on #XtraFactorLive."

Clark-Neal later posted a longer response assuring fans that it was all in good fun.

Some on social media were none too pleased with Simon's sense of humor though, and called him out.

Not everyone was pissed at Simon though; a number of fans defended him on Twitter.

Something tells me Simon will probably be a little more careful with his one-liners from now on.

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