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Simone Biles Responds To Racist Trolls Who Attacked Her Music Video Appearance

Some Jake Miller fans were displeased that the love interest in his new video is a black woman.

The internet never fails to prove what a cesspool it can be sometimes. Simone Biles has no doubt taken up permanent residence on cloud nine following her wins at the Rio Olympics, but a recent round of attacks from racist internet trolls seems to have gotten her down.

Biles recently starred in the music video for Jake Miller's "Overnight" and portrayed the singer's love interest. She does great in the role - no surprise - but some of his fans weren't happy to see Miller paired up with a black woman. Racist complaints flooded the comments section, with naysayers calling her ugly, making racist comments, and expressing their disbelief that Miller would ever be interested in Simone.

All the hate must have gotten to Biles, who later wrote on Twitter, "Everyone forgets I have feelings also."

But not everyone was hating, thankfully. Many fans were vocal in their support for Simone, not just in the comments section of the video but on Twitter, too.

"Love it and I love Simone," one fan wrote about the video. "She's amazing!!!"

"Love this! How often do you see a beautiful darker skinned woman as the lead in a music video? Great job Simone and kudos to you Jake," wrote another.

Don't let the haters get you down, boo! Check out Simone killing it in her first music video appearance below.

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