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Singles' Day Is Becoming A Real Holiday

Finally, a holiday single people don't have to dread!

Valentine's Day. Sweetest Day. New Year's Eve. Every holiday is basically created for people in relationships but maybe not for long. Singles' Day, which began in China, is quickly becoming a real holiday in America— and we cannot wait!

Singles' Day, which falls on November 11th, was created over 20 years ago as a way for single people to love and honor themselves with gifts and pampering. The Telegraph notes that Singles' Day is such a big, billion-dollar deal in China that it makes Black Friday shopping in America seem insignificant by comparison. 

According to Fast Companythe self-love day is making its way stateside. ShopRunner's data cites that online orders by Chinese Americans went up by a whopping 800% in the days leading up to Singles' Day, especially in cities like Chicago, New York, and Atlanta.

So how were singles in America treating themselves? Beauty and fashion products like Kiehl's facial creams and YSL lip stains were the most sought after gifts. Given this trend, it's very likely that retailers will start catering to Singles' Day as a legitimate holiday.

Finally, a reason to send yourself flowers and candy without feeling like a total loser.

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