Skai Jackson's Mom Roasted Azealia Banks On Instagram

The 14-year-old's mother went full mama-bear-mode on Azealia and gave her a fair warning.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Days after teenage Disney star Skai Jackson annihilated Azealia Banks on Twitter, her mother stepped in via Instagram to warn the rapper to back off of her child.

"She's too old to go at it with a 14 year-old, but not too young for me to see!" reads the post. "I don't play those games!"

@azealiabanks Please don't do it to yourself!

A photo posted by Kiya Cole (@kiyacole) on


Her response comes after Azealia posted a statement via Twitter accusing Skai's mother of being the one behind Skai's tweets all along (because teenagers aren't capable of using the internet, apparently?), and criticizing her for "sexualizing" Skai.

Azealia might want to take Skai's original advice to simmer down; her inexcusable behavior on social media is beginning to have serious repercussions. The racist, homophobic insults she hurled at Zayn Malik have already resulted in her getting dropped from her headlining spot at the Born & Bred Festival in East London, and now she may even be banned from entering the UK altogether.


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