Sliced Chocolate Is Now A Thing You Can Buy

Yes, like sliced cheese.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt
If you've ever wished you could add a slice of chocolate to your sandwich the way you would a slice of cheese, you may be a crazy person but you're in luck: Japan has you covered.
Bourbon, a Japanese company, has begun selling chocolate slices, much to the delight of chocoholics everywhere. Their online store recommends adding the slices to pancakes, crackers, and crepes, but I say if you're going to start adding slices of chocolate to things, you may as well go all out. A chocolate and pepperoni pizza? Sure, why not? Chocolate on your apple pie? Go for it. Chocolate-topped french toast? Wait, that actually sounds delicious...
Chocolate slices may sound like a totally unnecessary invention, but it's not the weirdest thing people have ever created out of chocolate. I'll take a slice of dark chocolate over, say, chocolate-covered bacon or a spicy chocolate bar any day.
And so would Pee-wee Herman:
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