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Solange Calls Out British Newspaper For Photoshopping Her Hair

The UK publication has since apologized.

Solange is known for enthusiastically embracing her natural hair — she sings about it and she talks about it interviews, but apparently, some still aren't getting it.

The "Cranes In The Sky" singer recently took to Instagram to call out a newspaper for photoshopping her natural hair, Huffington Post reports.

Solange graced the cover of Britain's Evening Standard last week, looking regal AF in a white ruffled piece and gravity-defying braided crown styled by Joanne Petit-Frere and Vernon Francis. The publication kept her hair as is for the majority of the photos, but edited her crown out of the cover image.

Fans reacted with a universal "Can you not?" and Solange herself called out the publication, posting the original pic on her Instagram and writing "dtmh" — "Don't touch my hair" — in the caption.

The media outlet issued a public apology, explaining that the edit was made for layout purposes.

"We were delighted to have the chance to interview the wonderful Solange Knowles and photograph her for this week's edition of ES," reads the statement. "It is therefore a matter of great regret that the finished cover artwork caused concern and offence. The decision to amend the photograph was taken for layout purposes, but plainly we made the wrong call and we have offered our unreserved apologies to Solange."

Ironically enough, the profile on Solange actually talks about the importance of hair in her life. Two writers, Lizzie Edmond and Angelica Bastien, were initially included on the story's byline, but Bastien later took to Twitter to distance herself from the article, explaining that she didn't approve of the edits that were made or the way the story was handled.

"I am publicly disowning the Solange piece London Evening Standard published today. The entire piece was a fiasco despite my efforts," Bastien wrote in a series of tweets. Check it out below.

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