Solange Knowles Drops Two Gorgeous, Moody Music Videos

Video-making skills run deep in the Knowles' DNA.

The exact half-point between Erykah Badu and FKA twigsSolange Knowles dropped two stylish and understated music videos following the release of her third full-length album A Seat At The Table. Clearly, video-making skills run deep in the genetics of the Knowles family, although the visuals for the two recently-debuted new songs differ greatly in style and tone than much of sister Beyonce's previous endeavors.

First up, we have "Cranes in the Sky," the stunning architectural visuals of which might represent a new kind of post-vaporwave aesthetic. With Solange and a handful of dancers striking poses in barren landscapes, the slow and methodical dance movements of each girl was juxtaposed against the immense unwavering backgrounds and landscapes.

Next we have "Don't Touch My Hair," the title, lyrics, and imagery of which draws heavily from Afro-centric cultural histories. Jezebel's Julianne Escobedo Shepherd described the video as "articulating the politics and pride ingrained in discussions of black women’s hair and the offense when non-black people touch it, and at the same time using hair as a stand-in for the way black culture is so often appropriated and denigrated." (Interestingly, the topic of black and brown women's hair was also recently addressed by underground hip hop icon Princess Nokia in a much sassier track titled "Mine".)

Both videos were directed by Solange herself, alongside husband Alan Ferguson. You can stream A Seat at the Table via Spotify, below.

[Photo: Screenshot via YouTube]

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