Solange Threw Monumental Shade At The Grammys After Beyonce Lost

With help from anti-Grammy crooner Frank Ocean, of course...

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Solange may have taken home her very own Grammys trophy last night, but she doesn't seem too happy with the organization, currently.

In what many consider the upset of the night, Adele took home the trophy for Album of the Year over Beyonce, and following the show, Solange made her thoughts on the matter pretty clear via Twitter. She didn't say much herself, but she did tweet a link to Frank Ocean's recent takedown of the Grammys and added the caption, "wuddup frank."

In case you missed it, Frank went off on the Grammys after producer Ken Ehrlich and writer David Wild claimed that Frank's reasoning for not submitting his album for consideration this year came down to sour grapes over his lackluster 2013 performance.

In response, Frank hopped on Tumblr and went in on the cultural bias he feels the awards show represents, and took them to task for awarding Taylor Swift with Album of the Year for 1989 instead of Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp A Butterfly last year and basically being out of touch with reality.

"Believe the people. Believe the ones who’d rather watch select performances from your program on YouTube the day after because your show puts them to sleep. Use the old gramophone to actually listen bro, I’m one of the best alive. And if you’re up for a discussion about the cultural bias and general nerve damage the show you produce suffers from then I’m all for it," he wrote near the end.

It's clear how Frank feels about the Grammys, and now Solange too, but does this mean we won't see her at the ceremony next year? Or — say it ain't so — Beyonce? We'll just have to wait and see, but it seems like The Grammys are becoming less and less relevant to many artists every year, and honestly, who can blame them at this point?

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