Some Guy Grabbed Jeffrey Tambor At An Airport Because Of His Role On 'Transparent'

It's not why you think. 

By Eric Shorey

While the daily violences faced by trans people are often completely invisible to the cisgender world, Jeffrey Tambor (who plays a trans woman on Amazon's Transparent series) got a taste of the fear experienced every day by trans people when a stranger began accosting him at an airport.

Tambor shared his experience on Late Night with Seth Meyers:

Did you watch the whole thing? Turns out this dude just wanted to thank Tambor for teaching the world about trans issues! What a nice thing!

“The world is changing. They’re not going to stand for this hatred. They’re not going to stand for this nonsense and this misgendering and all of this crap. It’s a brand new world," said Tambor, reflecting on the show and social change.

Check out the trailer for Transparent season 3, debuting on Amazon Prime on September 23, below.

[Photo: Getty Images]


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