Some Guy Has Been Pretending To Write For 'Broad City' To Get Dates

"No men work on Broad City," co-creator Ilana Glazer revealed to the duped woman.

By Aimée Lutkin

Hey, if you're working the dating scene in NYC, be warned: there's a phony-baloney out there. Ilana Glazer was at a comedy club in the Lower East Side on Tuesday night when she outed a dude who has been claiming to write for her Comedy Central show, Broad City. There are four writers on Broad City, and two of them are Ilana and her partner Abbi Jacobson. A fan was recording Ilana's set when she clarified for the audience, "No men work on Broad City. Don't fuck a dude cause you think he works on Broad City."

The two found out about this guy when they were sitting with friends and one of them mentioned that a friend of hers went on a date with this creepster. Honestly, I can almost see the temptation to do this. Yes, it makes you a lying scumbag, but if you have no morality it might be the perfect way to get a 20-something Brooklynite interested in you. I'd date a guy if I might end up being friends with Abbi and Ilana. But catfishing is absolutely wrong; don't do it. Especially because you will eventually get called out, like this d-bag did.

According to Ilana's monologue, the man—WHO SHE NAMES—does have a picture with her and Abbi from 2014. Though they're huge stars, the ladies are pretty embedded in the New York comedy scene and a lot of people have met them in person. But she claims they don't really know each other, saying, "He went to a show from 2014 at, like, UCB or something … took pictures with us and, like, reposted them recently and was like, ‘My friends!'” She commented on how naive she was at the time, cuddling up comfortably with fans. Fame hardens people. It kind of has to, as you can see from stories like this. Apparently, the guy also photoshopped a picture to make it appear that he was in the Broad City writer's room and at some point commented, "Writing in the room this season was weak." Insult to injury!

You can listen to Ilana's account here:

At least she's able to make a very icky situation into an entertaining story, as a good comedian does. Ladies beware! The only way to make friends with Abbi and Ilana is directly. Good luck.

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