Some Of Y'all Have Lost Your Damn Minds With This Safety Pin Trend

Maybe just go to a protest instead.

Since the election of Donald Trump our world has been thrown into a maelstrom of chaos and nightmares — and that's hardly hyperbole. Some well-intentioned agents of goodness thought that expressing solidarity against fascism through a simple gesture - a safety pin worn innocuously on a piece of outerwear - might be a good way to bring people together. Coherent arguments against this pratice have presented themselves since: if you want to fight the forces of evil, you've got to do more than decorate your clothes. Now, some companies are taking advantage of the social justice trend and hawking overpriced safety pins to the tune of $335.

Arguments both for and against the safety pin are certainly reasonable, but the blatant profit-mongering and pandering of Etsy designers hawking their overpriced goods is an insult to both liberals and radicals alike:

Y'all know you can go to CVS and get those for, like, two bucks, right? Please just give that money to Planned Parenthood or the ACLU or The Trevor Project if you've got it and actually want to make a difference.

Meanwhile sites like Vogue are publishing totally tone-deaf pieces about how best to style your new totally woke accessory. The site suggests pre-adorned designer jackets, dresses, handbags, and shoes — with most of the items costing upwards of $500. How remarkably out of touch with our economic reality!

Fortunately or unfortunately, it doesn't even look like this whole safety pin thing is going to work as a symbol for much longer anyway. Reports of neo-nazis co-opting the practice are already beginning to emerge.

Look, we all need to stick together to get through the next four years but making a difference requires actual work. If you want to take a stand against racism, homophobia, misogyny, and xenophobia: volunteer in your community, go to a protest, donate to reputable organizations, get involved in local politics, and stay informed. But a comically overpriced piece of metal or plastic ain't doin' nothin' for nobody.

[Photo: Screenshot from Etsy]

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