Someone Is Using Kylie Jenner's Old Phone Number To Pretend To Be Her

And Kylie's kind of miffed about it.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

What would you do if you realized you'd become the owner of Kylie Jenner's old phone number? Pretend to be her, of course, but only if you're the unscrupulous type.

Unfortunately for Kylie, whoever ended up with her old phone number is exactly that type of person. The reality TV star took to Twitter earlier this week to inform her fans that there's someone out there using her old phone number and pretending to be her, Refinery29 reports.

"The person who has my old number is pretending to be me... so anyone who had my [old number] beware. Feel free to give it a call," Kylie wrote, but later deleted.

It's no surprise that Kylie would be miffed by this. Overlooking the fact that it's generally not cool to impersonate someone, Kylie has reportedly been keeping a low profile during her (rumored) pregnancy, preferring to stay out of the spotlight  and, presumably, away from any drama. Someone using your old phone number and pretending to be you? That definitely sounds like the type of headache no one wants. Hopefully for her sake, this all gets settled soon and she can go back to enjoying her peace and quiet.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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