Someone Replaced Guns With Dildos In Pictures Of Republicans

Firing back at gun control opponents.

By Eric Shorey

Guns have always been a symbol of manliness, but one Internet troublemaker is taking that trope and merrily pranking those on the right with a little bit of metaphorical tasteful tastelessness. With Photoshop as his weapon, Matt Haughey has fired back at those who hold (perhaps a little too desperately) onto their fourth ammendment rights.

Haughey's project? Replacing guns with dildos in every picture of a Republican holding a firearm. 

Haughey has pledged to continue this project up until the election:

Pretty self explanatory. Anyway, here's a few choice examples from Haughey's impressively large (pun inteded) oeuvre.

Well, you get the idea. But if, for whatever reason, you crave more GOPers desperately clutching artificial phalluses, you can always visit Matt's twitter page.


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