Soon, Tinder Will Help You Date That Guy Right Behind You

Tech insiders predict changes for hookup app.

Tinder and Humin could be a match made in heaven. The dating app acquired Humin, company that includes a contact-management app and the Knock Knock app that connects you with people nearby, according to MashableThe tech site predicts this could be Tinder's way of becoming more than just a swipe-right dating app.

Knock Knock uses Bluetooth to let you connect and chat with people that are nearby--up to 150 feet. Once connected, you can exchange messages. This type of technology could add to Tinder's real-time experience. Instead of searching for hotties five or 10 miles away, why not get a notification if one is say, right behind you at the grocery store? This could increase Tinder's instant gratification and make dating feel more spontaneous. 

"Tinder is on the cusp of massive growth because it's just starting to embrace the breadth of its mission of helping people meet and connect in the real world," Humin cofounder Ankur Jain tells Mashable.

One of the biggest complaints daters have about Tinder is that matches don't want to meet in real life or they flake right before the date. This could help solve all those wasted swipes. 

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