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Soulja Boy Got Trolled With A Pregnancy On His Own Instagram Account

Don't get caught slipping.

Soulja Boy just got trolled. The rapper posted "I'm going to be a father soon" on Instagram but it was all a prank. His friend faked a pregnancy announcement while he was asleep.

Soulja's friend, M2 Tha K, stole his phone and logged into his social media account. Then, he posted a picture of a sonogram to imply that Soulja Boy was going to be a father. Of course, he caught the entire joke on video:

According to XXLthe sonogram photo was swiped from an old blog called Rooney Adventures in Pregnancy. After Soulja Boy’s savvy followers realized the ruse, the friend deleted the post.

Soulja Boy took it all in good fun. "Would love to have a baby but not today," he shared afterwards. In all honesty, his reaction seemed a little artificial in the video, so he could've been in on this prank the whole time. 

[Photo: Soulja Boy]

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