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Soulja Boy Was Sued For Making Scary Death Threats

An artist/singer says Soulja Boy ruined his life.

Soulja Boy may have to pay for talking trash. The rapper allegedly made death threats on camera and now he's getting sued. According to TMZSoulja Boy threatened to shoot and kill a man named Skrill Dilly. "I'll kill yo bitch ass," he said, while holding a gun on tape. 

In his lawsuit, Skrill (who describes himself as an artist and singer) alleges that he's the victim of the threat, and that Soulja put a $10,000 bounty on his life. To make matters worse, Skrill claims that he's not allowed to see his daughter because his baby mama is fearful of violence.

Despite video evidence of the threats, Soulja Boy claims that the gun in the video was fake. See for yourself below:

Skrill is suing for damages and medical expenses caused by stress.

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