Soulja Boy Released A Chris Brown/50 Cent Diss Track And Called Out Kanye West

Listen to "Hit 'Em With The Draco"...

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Before he heads into the boxing ring with Chris Brown, Soulja Boy has released a new diss track against his adversaries. In "Hit 'Em With The Draco," the rapper goes against Brown and rapper 50 Cent.

Soulja begins by making fun of 50's financial issues, saying, "You made all that money off Vitamin Water and then filed for bankruptcy." 50 had previously made fun of Soulja Boy being robbed. Soulja then says that he'll “knock Chris Brown out when I see him" and brags that "this the year that I'll make some millions." 

This track seems to be a part of Soulja Boy's training as he heads into his boxing match against Brown. Earlier, he said that he's trying to gain weight (with help from his trainer Floyd Mayweather). The boxing match, which stems from the two artists' longtime beef, is slated to hit Pay-Per-View.

Soulja is in a combative mood. In an interview with Hypebeast, he claims that he's the "first rapper" to do everything, firing shots at Kanye West among others. He says he has "more swag" than Kanye because "he old." 

“F*ck everybody, I created the internet," he claims. "I was the first rapper with a YouTube page.” Watch his rant below:

[Photo: Getty Images]

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