Soulja Boy Says He Kicked Out Teyana Taylor For Rihanna & Enraged Chris Brown

Soulja Boy's latest claim about the real beef is super messy and... highly questionable.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Just when you thought the feud between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown had died down, the rapper dropped an explosive interview and claims that it was a relationship with Rihanna that started the entire beef. 

"What he really mad about is that I was with Rihanna, you know what I’m saying?" Soulja Boy tells Hollywood Unlock. Soulja claims that Rihanna befriended him immediately after Chris assaulted her in 2009. "I'm in L.A., I'm on tour with Lil Wayne at this time, Rihanna called my manager...She called my manager. 'I wanna come to Soulja Boy concert,'" he says, sitting next to his visibly curious boxing coach Floyd Mayweather

Now comes Teyana Taylor. According to the questionable honest artist, Teyana was dating Soulja Boy at the time. When Rih showed up, Soulja Boy says he kicked his girlfriend off his tour bus in favor of the superstar. Not happy for obvious reasons, Teyana told Chris about Rihanna's hangout with Soulja.

Later, Rihanna allegedly calls Soulja Boy. "I didn't give her my number," he says. He says she then invited him to the London hotel in New York City and they apparently smoked weed and watched Pineapple Express. She then confided in him about Chris. The rapper claims that Chris' jealousy set off their current issues. 

“That’s what the beef really stems from. It stems from Rihanna." Chris apparently called Soulja Boy after to confirm whether sexual relations had taken place. Soulja says that he never slept with Rihanna. 

Believe it or not? Watch the full interview here:

[Photo: Getty Images]

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