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Soulja Boy's Family Says He Left Them In The Hood & He Responds Via Social Media

Calling your own mother a "crackhead" is... interesting.

The fight between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown is officially over, even though they teased us over it forever, going back and forth about where and when and how they’d beat each other up. At one point, Soulja Boy even canceled the event because his mother was in the hospital. He said he’d been freaking out because she was sick and he was over the whole beef thing. It started up again anyway, but it’s obvious that Soulja’s mom has a big influence on him.

That may be why he gets so mad at her. BET reports that Soulja Boy called his mother a “crackhead” on Twitter, apparently in a rage that she’d spent $100,000 in a week. This followed a post from his brother in which he accused Soulja Boy of "leaving them in the hood," which REALLY pissed him off. His mother can also be seen in the video, confirming her son's alleged abandoment, saying "We at my house, in the middle of the g*ddamn hood."

The Shade Room captured his rant, in which he also says his little brother is looking for a “come up.”

"If you gave ur mom a 100,000 and she spent it in a week," he writes, "You would be mad too. It's a long story. Fuck people that don't appreciate u. I made my first million when I was 17 and took care of my whole family since then. So whoever taking shit can suck a d**k nobody gon use me." 

"The only time my mother call me is for my money and my Lil brother a broke b*tch umma slap him when I see him f**k them," he continued. "Umma expose my mom and my brother. She a crackhead and he live with his dad he not in the hood they looking for a come up F**k them."

It looks like he’s since deleted the tweets, but this does confirm that Soulja Boy’s family life is also in turmoil, which tends to happen to humans. Still, it's a cause for concern, given all of his legal and personal troubles lately. Even if you’re at the top of the world, they can mess with you.

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