Stacey Dash Was Let Go From Fox

She was actually let go a while ago.

By Eric Shorey

Fox News will most likely continue to be a nightmarishly propagandist cesspool for the next four years, but at least one of their leading voices in bigotry is out of a job: that's right, Stacey Dash has been let go from her position as a talking head at the notoriously conservative news station.

Dash had actually been let go of a while ago, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox had been “downplaying the exit” (a rather gracious turn of phrase) since the fall of 2016. Until recently, Dash's position at Fox was still listed on her official Twitter page.

While at Fox, Dash racked up a veritable greatest hits playlist of bigotry and racism: she told transgender people to pee in the bushes, she said that Black History Month shouldn't be a thing, she supported Trump long before he was seen as a mainstream candidate, and she accused BET of racism amongst a plethora of other offenses. (Actually, this all seem rather on-brand for Fox.) In 2015, Dash was notably suspended for swearing while on air during a heated anti-Obama rant and has since become notorious for openly feuding with a handful of celebs including Beyonce's mom and Jesse Williams.

Anyway, considering the venom she so regularly spewed, people seem pretty happy to see her out of a job:

Girl, sha-bye.

h/t: Jezebel

[Photo: Getty Images]

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