Stanford Rapist Brock Turner Released From Jail After Serving Only 3 Months

And now lawmakers are working to make sure this never happens again.

By Eric Shorey

Brock Turner, the rapist whose light sentencing and lack of remorse caused national outrage only a few months ago, is already being released from jail after only serving time for three months. Brock was originally sentenced to an already insultingly small amount of punishment (6 months) considering the heinous crime he had committed, but only actually ended up serving half of that due to "automatically applied 'credits'" for good behavior – which, like, how is that even a thing?

The Turner case became a talking point for feminists and anti-racists who claimed that Brock's sentencing would have been far more severe had he been not white or not an athlete, with the judge claiming that prison would be too hard on the perpetrator. From insultingly sexist media coverage to Brock's non-apology which blamed a campus party culture for the rape to Stanford's reaction to the story, every single part of these proceedings have been absolutely infuriating. The incident led to the unidentified victim of Brock writing an terrifyingly heartbreaking letter about the injustices of her situation. Activists similarly created petitions calling for the recall of the irresponsible judge assigned to the case.

While Turner has escaped this situation relatively unscathed, at least changes are being made to make sure this doesn't happen again in the future. According to Cosmopolitan, “California state lawmakers passed a new bill inspired by Turner's case Monday, which would make prison sentences mandatory in cases of sexual assault that involve someone who is unconscious or otherwise unable to give consent.”

"If we let a rapist off with probation and little jail time, we re-victimize the victim, we dissuade other victims from coming forward, and we send a message that sexual assault of an incapacitated victim is just no big deal," Assemblyman Bill Dodd said, about the new legislation.

No news yet on what Brock's future holds, but hopefully he drops off the face of the earth.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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