Steph Curry Responds To Criticism Of Wife Ayesha Curry's Controversial Tweets

“I might have to cut the Wi-Fi off in my house..."

By Jazzi Johnson

The 2016 NBA finals wasn't only the best championship series in some time, but also rather unusually controversial. Ayesha Curry, chef and wife to Warriors' frontman, Stephen Curry, was partly the reason.

Thursday night, the big night of Game 6, Ayesha Curry found herself in some murky waters when she tweeted the following message: "I've lost all respect sorry this is absolutely rigged for money... Or ratings in not sure which. I won't be silent . Just saw it live sry." See the deleted tweet below.

As you can imagine, many basketball fans were upset, some even calling her a sore loser, as her tweet came just minutes after her hubby Steph had angrily fouled out of the close game which resulted in a loss for the team. 

Of course, the internet (especially men) lost their damn minds, some making sexist comments to or about Ayesha in the sense of "stay in your place." The most vocal of these sentiments was ESPN's own Stephen A. Smith on his show First Take.

“That is not what you should be doing, and the fact that she did that, she was wrong," Smith said with such conviction. "It came off across as very classless."

"And I’ve got news for you: as beautiful as everyone wants to say Ayesha Curry is - and she is - Savannah is something special," he continued, referring to LeBron James' wife. "I’m here to tell you something right now. Ain’t a man alive, particularly a black man, that’s going to look at LeBron James’s wife and not say that that woman ain’t gorgeous. She’s wonderful inside and out… She never tweets and goes out there and calls out the league and stuff like that… nobody is more scrutinized than her husband. But yet she thinks about how she represents him, and as a result, she doesn’t do that.”

Ayesha Curry caught wind of his remarks and responded to him directly via Twitter: "why are you putting two women against each other like that? You're the one that's out of pocket."

And if you're wondering how Ayesha responded after they lost the big championship, wonder no more:

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