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Steve Harvey Thinks It's Hilarious That Anyone Would Find Asian Guys Attractive

Can he go lower?

If there are any big Steve Harvey heads, this is not the blog post for you. Steve Harvey is most famous for being the host of Family Feud and messing up the simple task of reading off a card. But he also, apparently, has a talk show, which I didn’t know because I am working at the hour it is on, and after watching this segment I'd probably throw my TV out a window.

A blog called Angry Asian Man pointed out that Harvey devoted some air time to denigrating the attractiveness of Asian men on Friday. In a clip of the show, Harvey brings up a book from 2002 (way to stay on the pulse, Harvey) called How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide for Asian Men. He then goes on a rant peppered with “jokes” about how there’s just no way someone could be attracted to Asian men.

Now, this book sounds like a piece of crap, and it would deserve to get dragged if it hadn’t come out 14 years ago, but if you don’t think Asian men can be attractive to anyone, you are a racist idiot.

Harvey says, “Excuse me, do you like Asian men?' No. 'Thank you.' How to Date a Black Woman: A Practical Guide [for] Asian Men. Same thing. 'You like Asian men?' I don't even like Chinese food. It don't stay with you no time. I don't eat what I can't pronounce."

Then they cut away to an Asian woman in the audience as some sort of justification for this insane bit.

Obviously, Harvey makes himself laugh, and he must make other people out there giggle too or he wouldn’t be so successful. But when you watch clips like this, you have to wonder if his fans are doing okay.

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