Stop Everything! Magnetic Eyelashes Will Change The Game

Never glue a false eyelash again!

Long, fluffy, thick eyelashes are always in style. Unless you're legendary beauty Elizabeth Taylor, you're probably going to have to wear false eyelashes to get that full look. Wearing falsies can be a sticky mess with eyelash glue--until now.

Magnetic eyelashes may just change the eyelash game. According to Refinery29Katy Stoka of One Two Cosmetics has created a new and easy way to get "an effortlessly winged-out look minus the glue, tweezers, and red-in-the-face frustration." Sign us up now.

Here's how they work: The lashes come in four different styles--ranging from natural to glam--and attach by putting your real lashes in between two magnetic layers of falsies.

Magnets aren't cheap and the lashes cost $59 a pair. Hey, if they save us the embarrassment of lashes falling down our cheeks like spiders, they may be more than worth the investment.

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