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Strapless Underwear Is Now A Real Thing

What will they come up with next?

Have you ever been getting dressed in the morning and thought, 'I want to wear underwear today, but I really wish I had a pair that doesn't have those pesky straps'?

Yeah, me either, but just in case that thought ever crosses your mind, Shibue Couture's got you covered. The company created a revolutionary strapless pair of underwear that promises to make panty lines a thing of the past, Cosmopolitan reports.

So, how do these $16 magic panties work? According to their website, "Shibues" aren't held in place by witchcraft, but rather a "washable and re-usable soft silicone gel adhesive" that runs across both the top front of the garment and the top of the back, which will apparently leave you with a "smooth, clean silhouette on your sides."


And here it is from the back. If you didn't already guess, it's def NSFW.

Sold yet? They even have a strapless thong for men, called "Hibues."

All jokes aside, as strange as it sounds, this product seems like a good solution if you really, really hate panty lines, and you don't mind peeling what must feel like a giant bandaid off of your pubic area at the end of the day.

[Photo: Shibue.com]


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