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Study Finds That Abortions Don't Negatively Affect Mental Health


There's a lot of speculation on how the decision to have an abortion impacts a woman's mental health. Following Ohio Governor John Kasich's 20-week abortion bill, a new study concludes that there's no link between getting an abortion and having psychological trauma.

Researchers followed almost 1,000 women and then checked in on their progress for five years. “We found no evidence that women who have abortions risk developing depression, anxiety or low self-esteem as a result of the abortion, either immediately following, or for up to five years after the abortion,” said M. Antonia Biggs, Ph.D., a social psychologist at UCSF and lead author, according to Teen Vogue. What they did find is that women who were denied abortions had more anxiety and lower self-esteem. “Women who were denied an abortion had more anxiety and lower self-esteem immediately after being turned away."

Luckily, time was healing for those women, too. Researchers found that over five years, those symptoms of anxiety and depression decreased for women turned away.

These findings are important for women contemplating abortions but fearing mental ramifications. Moreover, politicians and pro-life advocates can no longer wildly claim that abortions wreck women's mental lives.

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