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Study Finds That Being Sexist Harms Men, Too

Sexism sucks for everyone.

Sexism sucks and not just for women. According to a study by the American Psychological Association, sexist behavior has a harmful impact on men too.

Y. Joel Wong (Ph.D., of Indiana University) and his team found a link between guys conforming to so-called masculine norms and negative mental health, per New York Magazine. Researchers found sexist expectations of men like “pursuit of playboy behavior” and “power over women” were also associated with things like depression.

Here's how Dr. Wong put it: "The masculine norms of playboy and power over women are the norms most closely associated with sexist attitudes. The robust association between conformity to these two norms and negative mental health–related outcomes underscores the idea that sexism is not merely a social injustice, but may also have a detrimental effect on the mental health of those who embrace such attitudes."

In addition to being generally terrible, these sexist guys were also less likely to seek psychological help. Researchers found they were less likely to find treatment for their mental health issues.

Read the full male sexism study here.

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