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Study Proves That Women Think Men With Beards Make Better Boyfriends

Bearded men agree.

Women love men with beards. There's entire Instagram accounts devoted to men with facial hair and it's not just because it looks hot. According to a study, women see facial hair as an indicator for relationships and men with beards are viewed as better romantic partners.


The NY Post shares that women prefer men with facial hair up to 20 percent more than clean-shaven guys, per the study in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology. For guys who can't grow a full beard out, you're out of luck. The study found that women see men with full beards as more attractive long-term mates while dudes with stubble were more suitable for flings.


The Post interviewed men with beards and even they preferred to be furry. "Having a beard gives me a little more character, [makes me] a little more refined, and it’s made me feel manlier,” says one guy. Another added, “Having a beard makes me look more mature, and there’s a certain sense of attitude and ruggedness that comes with it. It makes me feel whole.”

One man even drew a creepy comparison between having a beard and being seen as a father-figure; something women seem to like. “Whether they’re 25 or 40, women want men like their old dad, and most of their fathers had beards.”

Do you prefer men with beards?

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