Suge Knight Had An Emotional Breakdown In Court, Pleads For His Life

Is Suge Knight deteriorating?

By Jazzi Johnson

Suge Knight, the music mogul associated with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and the late, great Tupac Shakur - had a pretty horrible day and an even worse year. Apparently he shed his tough veneer in the courtroom and had a breakdown on Friday.

Although he recently filed a lawsuit against Chris Brown in regards to a nightclub shooting, he's moreso focused on his own murder case, which has left him behind bars for over a year.

The Associated Press reports that Knight's lawyers asked the judge for the records of the witnesses, including names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. The judge, however, denied the request because "prosecutors had shown good reasons to withhold the idenitites of three confidential informants and the addrsses of several witnesses," citing his violent past as well as rumored methods of intimidation against witnesses in previous court cases.

Knight's fiance and lawyer claim that the denial is an additional danger to his health, insisting that he's not "getting the proper medical attention" and that all of the events are "starting to take a toll on him both emotionally and physically."

The New York Daily News reported that the rap mogul even pleaded with the judge, saying that he's worried he will die in jail as an innocent man. "My time is ticking some days because of the health problems I have, and right now I am not getting a fair chance to prove my innocence," Knight said to the Superior Court Judge. Knight has been battling with health issues for a while now. This time last year, his attorney even requested that he receive private medical attention after collapsing on multiple occasions in the courtroom. In addition, he cited issues with his eyesight and his weight, having lost over 30 pounds since being locked up. Still, the judge denied his request for a reduced bail which remains at $10 million.

This time, Knight had an emotional breakdown and could be heard "snapping" at his lawyers. This all came on the heels of hearing that his request had been denied, and that he would not get any information about the key witnesses. He will only get information about the three confidential witnesses a week prior to trial.

Knight, who inarguably is known as one of the most intimidating men to have emerged from the world of hip-hop, found himself accused of murder in 2015. After getting caught on tape fighting with a former gang member, he was seen running over two local businessman with his truck. One of them died from his injuries.


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